01. We just have to phone the head office to [verify] your credit card.
02. Before accepting payment by check, please [verify] the amount, and the date.
03. The professor will be [verifying] your footnotes to make sure your research is authentic.
04. Her alibi has been [verified] by a number of other people, so all the charges against her have been dropped.
05. The U.N. has not yet been able to [verify] the report of the massacre.
06. Before being eligible for financial aid, we must [verify] your financial statement.
07. Former President Ronald Reagan once said that in politics one should, "Trust, but [verify]."
08. We have to wait until the [verification] of your credit card is complete before ringing in your purchase.
09. We just need to [verify] your credentials, and then we can sign the papers for your contract.
10. The store clerk was suspicious of the young woman, and when he tried to [verify] her credit card, she ran off.
11. The U.N. team sent to [verify] reports of stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq found nothing.
12. Many of the facts in the case are no longer [verifiable] because the principal witness has died.
13. Centuries ago in London, someone drinking at a tavern had the legal right to demand to see the wine cellar to [verify] that the wine hadn't been watered down.
14. My opinion in this matter is based on [verifiable] facts, not on silly little anecdotes.
15. Today's science is [verifying] the ancient wisdom of traditional cultures.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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